What we buy...

„Especially the Zn“


Hard zinc spelter, Zinc bottom dross, Zinc top dross

Zinc skimmings, Zinc ashes, Zinc dust, Zinc powder, Zinc residues

Zinc anodes, Zinc cathodes, Zinc balls, Zinc blasting shots

Zinc shelfs, Zinc alloys foam and die-casting residues

Zinc residues from injection molding, Zinc die-cast scrap

Plated and coated zinc alloys scrap, unsuccessful zinc products

Zinc sheets new and old, titanzinc sheets, cutout scrap

Any further Zn including zinc waste and scrap for refining


…but we also trade an other secondary raw materials…


Stainless steel scrap and waste content Ni, Cr, Mo, Co, W

Aluminium scrap and drosses, according to types and qualities

Electric motors scrap, starters, dynamos, trafos, rotors

Discarded electrical and electronic equipment

Raw materials and scrap containing Bi, including drosses





Stainless Steel

Electric motors