“Supply of zinc raw materials and products”


Zinc wire (diameter 1,2mm to 4,76mm)
Zinc-aluminium wire (diameter 1,2mm to 4,00mm)
Zinc anodes (balls, semi-balls, cylinders, plates)
SHG Zinc min. 99,995% Zn (ingots, jumbo)
HG Zinc min. 99,99% Zn (ingots, jumbo)
Secondary Zinc min. 98,5% Zn (ingots, jumbo)
Zinc alloys for galvanizers (ZnNi, ZnBi and others)
Alloying metal additives containing Ni, Bi, Sn, Pb, Al
Zinc alloys such as ZL5, ZL3, ZL2 and more (ingots, jumbo)
Fine Zinc Powder
Zinc shots


Authorised Supplier of TIB Chemicals products


Acidic and Alkaline degreasers
Cleaning Additives
Pickling inhibitors
Fluxes – liquid and powder
Iron Removal
Passivation products
Functional Additives
and many more specialty chemicals